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Grind Flame works with a diverse group of people, in the US and remote. With a discernment for quality, our team knows how to deliver results that perform and look good.

Matt Kratos


Over the past 10 years, Matt has worked in and with agencies to grow revenue + profits from organic and paid advertising, maximizing internal efficiency, and producing countless results.

Deeba Fatima

SEO & WEB Manager

While Content is King, Deeba is the queen of SEO, she has keyword matches and click-through rates for days. Getting websites to the top of search engines for more than 5 years.

Jayson Bost

Brand identity

Every brand’s story is told through its tried and true methods of delivering greatness. Jayson takes that passionate story of your brand and encompasses it into a recognizable identity.

Mary Dixon

Director & Writer

Hunter Chapman

Video Editor

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