Do you want some cash in your pocket?

Or in the pockets of your favorite non-profit?

I want to write you a check. Somewhere between $1,000 and $60,000.

All you need to do tell your friends (ones that own a business) about Grind Flame.

What? Or who? Is Grind Flame?

Grind Flame is a digital marketing agency that focuses on growing the revenue of businesses. More of what that means...

We build websites.

These websites aren't just beautiful. They generate money.

We handle SEO.

Not like those spammy Indian calls. Real Search Engine Optimization.

We run ads.

These ads don't just spend money. They generate revenue.

We manage social media.

These social media posts are inviting... and social, as they should be.

At the end of it all...

We generate revenue for your friend's business.

And if you refer them to us...

We'll write you a check of 10% of their yearly contract up front.

How does that work?

Most businesses will spend $10,000 - $50,000 per year with us. You'll get 10% of that.

Everyone wins.

Your friend's business grows.

You get a nice check. (treat yo self).

We get to work with someone cool.

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